Santa Fe New Music Advanced Quiz

Santa Fe New Music is about the music of our time - an eclectic range of styles, aesthetics, methods, and approaches to the ever changing world of new music.

We invite you to test your knowledge with the Santa Fe New Music advanced online quiz. Answer these questions to see how much you know about 20th century composers, conductors, famous pieces, popular styles, and much, much more!

Created by: Rozie Kennedy
  1. Which living American composer has appeared in "South Park"? (Hint - he also wrote the music for a Jim Carrey movie, among many others.)
  2. The opera "Nixon in China" by John Adams is written in which 20th century style?
  3. Following "Nixon in China," which opera about current events did Adams compose?
  4. If, as composer and leading new music critic Kyle Gann say, in the mid- 1980's, the "Downtown" New York composer scene began winning over the "Uptown" (academia) school that had dominated much of the mid-century, 12-tone compositional trends, which composer would NOT be worried for his or her ability to make a living?
  5. John Cage's infamous composition 4'33" is a piece that lasts four minutes 33 seconds and calls for no notes or sounds. The piece was premiered in 1952 and became notorious for its approach. How many movements does the piece have?
  6. Which of these composers would NOT generally be associated with the Fluxus movement?
  7. Gyorgy Ligeti, the Romanian composer who died in 2006, may best be remembered for the various pieces featured in the Stanley Kubrick films 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Shining, and Eyes Wide Shut. His 1962 piece "Poeme Symphonique," programmed by SFNM in 2003, features 100 of what "instrument"?
  8. Which 1970's work by Steve Reich brought minimalism to the wider public and was a hit as an LP album?
  9. Which of these famous classical music conductors is NOT also a composer?
  10. What string quartet has specialized in the music of our time for over 30 years and released dozens of widely available CDs?
  11. Name the notorious work by German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen, who died last December.
  12. Which Fluxus era work did SFNM Artistic Director John Kennedy perform the second known performance of while a student at Oberlin?

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