Do you know the Blues?

The Blues is the foundation of all modern Pop/Rock/Jazz music, don't you think you should listen to and appreciate it? There comes a time when the headbanging and bopping all gets old, and you begin to understand the greatness of Blues music. It is the most raw and pure form of music around

This quiz measures your level of knowledge on the original American art form, have you taken the time to acquire adequate knowledge of the Blues? Let's see...

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What is your gender?
What woman's hit single, "Crazy Blues", was the first successful "race record" of the 1920's?
Mamie Smith
Ma Rainey
Bessie Smith
Victoria Spivey
Who is considered to be the original star of Delta Blues?
Robert Johnson
Son House
Bukka White
Charley Patton
What was Skip James'first name?
In what 2 years did Robert Johnson record?
Where was harmonica master John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson born?
Jackson, Tennessee
Chicago, Illinois
Bentonia, Mississippi
Helena, Arkansas
Who is generally regarded as the originator of electric Blues guitar?
Muddy Waters
Magic Sam
Charlie Christian
T-Bone Walker
Which Chicago Blues great left Chess records to form his own label, Cobra?
Otis Rush
Willie Dixon
Buddy Guy
Howlin' Wolf
Which Chicago Blues harpist was actually born in Chicago?
Billy Boy Arnold
Junior Wells
Carey Bell
Big Walter Horton
Who is considered to be the founder of West Coast Blues?
Rod Piazza
George "Harmonica" Smith
Pinetop Perkins
Hollywood Fats
What group was Stevie Ray Vaughan's brother, Jimmie, a member of?
The Nighthawks
Roomful of Blues
The Fabulous Thunderbirds

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