What's Your Gotta-Have-Fun Style?

When I'm in a totally bad mood, I want to shake the blues away. When I have fun in my gotta-have-fun style, the blues stay away. It helps, too. When you discover your gotta-have-fun style, the blues will totally go away. Trust me. It happened to me about a million times before. It will happen to you, too.

Do YOU want to have fun? Figure out your gotta-have-fun style, and you'll never be bored again. Turn your life from so to whoa! Next time you catch a case of the blues or can't decide what you want to do, do something totally different that's based on your gotta-have-fun style.

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  1. When it comes to fashion, how would you describe your favorite look?
  2. Which of the following foods makes your mouth water the most?
  3. A boy you're crushing on wants to plan a Saturday afternoon with you. Where should you guys go?
  4. How do style your hair?
  5. How do style your hair?
  6. What's your ideal Friday night?
  7. What's is your worst nightmare?
  8. Do you like thunderstorms?
  9. If you were stranded on an island, and you could take one thing, what would you take?
  10. If you won a trip to Hawaii, what's the first thing you would do?

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Quiz topic: What's my Gotta-Have-Fun Style?