What's your fashion style?

Do you love fashion, but you're not sure exactly what your style is? Or maybe you would just like to see if you have a sense of style at all! Find out with this quiz!

Each style has their own unique definition and quality. Everyone's personal style is different and you can discover what yours is with this short quiz!

Created by: Mac
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  1. It's raining outside but you promised your best friend you'd meet her at your favorite restaurant! You....
  2. Party til midnight!! You....
  3. You have a date w/ your bf and he won't tell you where you two are going- it's a surprise!! You wear...
  4. You have been given a pre-paid one time service at the spa. You can pick anything so you...
  5. Choose your fave color combo
  6. People always compliment you on your....
  7. Favorite hobby:
  8. You can't live without your....
  9. T or F: You read a fashion magazine at least once a month.
  10. Choose your favorite decor:

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Quiz topic: What's my fashion style?