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  • Your Result: Chic/ Trendy

    You follow those fashion mags religiously! Fend, Coach, MAC, Juicy- you have it all! You can't resist Those trendy wedges or Gucci oversize bag- you love all things in the fashion world! :D

    Not true. I can afford designer stuff, but I prefer to wear the non-labels. Ppl still like what I look like, and ask what brands they are. xD

  • I got chic/trendy! Cool quiz, but I don't wear designer clothes or read fashion mags!!! I wear Aeropostale and short shorts like a normal person, but I do straighten my hair and wear make-up, I wanna look pretty;D Actually, I probably would wear designer clothes if I could afford them:) Cool quiz anyway!!!:D

  • Welcome to GTQ, Glitterchick97! I dont like fashion. All it does it brain washes people.


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