Music Knowledge Test

There are many people who believe that they can make in this life with a limited knowledge of music. I disagree. I personaly cannot stand those who believe they know every little thing about music but refuse to take it all in and broaden their horizons. Do you think you can make it with your smarts?

If so take this quiz. Are you a music wizz? Until now you could only begin to wonder. After this you will know for sure. If you are i personnaly congratulate you for I would not think you are ignorant. If not get out more and explore your world.

Created by: Brad

  1. Which are songs by the infamous ska band Streetlight Manifesto?
  2. Which instrument does Mike Dernt play?
  3. What band plays the song "closing time"?
  4. What type of music does Bigwig play?
  5. When did the album "Dookie" get released by Green Day?
  6. On what date did A Day to Remember release the album "Homesick"?
  7. Weird Al....
  8. Enter the Sandman is on...
  9. Aerosmith was popular in...
  10. The lead singer of Escape the Fate was arrested and tried for..?

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