How well do you know the band "Disturbed"?

"Are you a fan of the band Disturbed? Or even just a fan of music in general? Then test out your knowledge with this quiz! I promise that if you are a true die-hard Disturbed/music fan, this quiz will reveal it!

Many people claim that they are "fans" of certain bands like Disturbed. Then I ask them even the easiest question like "where are they from?" and they have no idea. Hopefully this quiz not only tests your abilities as a fan, but also helps increase your knowledge of them. Good luck!

Created by: Ebin

  1. What was the third album released by Disturbed?
  2. What is the name of the lead singer of Disturbed?
  3. Where did the band Disturbed form?
  4. How many members have there been in total in the history of Disturbed?
  5. What was the original name of the band now currently known as Disturbed?
  6. What was the name of Disturbed's unreleased album?
  7. What is the name of the mascot for Disturbed?
  8. What is the last line of Disturbed's song "Down with the Sickness"?
  9. Which of Disturbed's songs has a line that is in Hebrew?
  10. What song has the line "nation shall not raise sword against nation"?
  11. What was the name of Disturbed's first tour?
  12. Which of the following song was performed by David Draiman in the "Queen of the Damned" movie soundtrack?
  13. Which "Guys Choice Awards" award did Disturbed win on Spike TV?
  14. The music video for the song "Stricken" was filmed in an abandoned hospital. Which of the following movies also filmed parts of their movie in the very same hospital?
  15. Which tour did Disturbed headline for in 2006?
  16. How many copies has the album "The Sickness" sold for Disturbed?
  17. How many albums did Disturbed produce in a row that were released as number-one?
  18. The song "Inside the Fire" is about what?
  19. What is the name of Disturbed's only compilation album?
  20. Which song do the folloing lyrics come from: "No remnants were ever found of it, Turning the heart vile with every fake smile, Though no evidence was ever found, It never went away completely"?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the band "Disturbed"?