How Well Do You Know Disturbed (Part2)

How well do you know Disturbed? do you want to find out? If so then take this quiz. This is the final part the if you get 100% on it then will be a Disturbed Master in my book.

Many people have heard not of Disturbed. Those who do are die hard Disturbed 1's. Are a true Disturbed 1? again take this quiz and find out. I think that you will enjoy this quiz.

Created by: chaddyk
  1. "I don't wanna feel you die in asylum" are the lyrics to what Disturbed song?
  2. What song did Disturbed perform in 2009 for the troops in Iraq?
  3. "All your belief can not absolve your sin" are the lyrics to what Disturbed song?
  4. What was the title of Disturbed's third album?
  5. Did disturbed release an album titled "Novacane"?
  6. What year did Disturbed form?
  7. What genre is Disturbed?
  8. "Get up come on get down with the sickness" are the lyrics to what Disturbed song?
  9. What track number is Perfect Insanity?
  10. What album is "Never Again" on?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Disturbed (Part2)