How Well Do You Know Disturbed (Part1)

A real disturbed one is hard to come by. Disturbed id one of the best rock/metal bands of all time. You kinda need to have a screw loose to like their music.

Are you a real Disturbed one? Take this quiz and find out. If you know that you are a disturbed one then just see how big a one you really are. I hope you enjoy this quiz!!!

Created by: chaddyk
  1. What Was Disturbed's name before it was called "Disturbed"?
  2. What was hte name of their original bassists name
  3. Did Disturbed have another vocalist before David Draiman
  4. Was "Indestructible" Disturbeds first cd?
  5. What year did Disturbed replace their bassist?
  6. Did The Sickness debut number one?
  7. Is Disturbed currently touring as we speak?
  8. What is Disturbed's most recent album?
  9. Will Disturbed be releasing a new record in 2013?
  10. Is Disturbed broken up for good?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Disturbed (Part1)