Experiment Part1

There are super humans in comics, tv shows, etc. But this experiment could get you to be a live one! Is that awesome, or is it lame? Take it anyways! It's worth a shot, right?

Will you be a superhuman? That question remains to be answered. But it doesn't tell you that at the end of the quiz. You should just take it because it's awesome, okay? Okay. Are we done here? Probably. Maybe. I don't know. Yeah we're done. Bye.

Created by: Raro

  1. You are at the mall, shopping for a present for your parents and you find some weird glasses that you try on. Then a man in a black suit comes towards you with a nerf gun. What do you do?
  2. You run away despite your previous thoughts. The man holds up the gun and you see it's image flicker, if only for a moment. It was an illusion! So the gun was real after all. He walks swiftly towards you and you hide behind a rack of clothes. You close your eyes and feel him behind you. He grabs you by the collar and whispers in your ear, "Come with me or I'll literally.... take your breath away." He laughs and practically drags you to a shiny black limousine and shoves you in. You react by....
  3. The man slaps you even though you didn't do anything (unless you did), and slams the door. Then he gets in the front seat, locks the doors and steps on it. He begins to question you. You....
  4. You sit there, either your mouth unable to move or you want it shut. The man chuckles and says, "You will want to keep those glasses. Doctor's gonna want you to have em'." You....
  5. Instead of doing any of those things you yell, "Tell me what the heck this is all about, or I swear I will jump out this moving car!"
  6. The man says, "Fine, this is all I'm gonna say now.... we've waited for someone to try on those glasses for a while. Once you try them on you get something like super-vision. It hasn't kicked in yet. If it had you'd be seeing through walls and stuff like that. But that means that you'll want to get all the other things that come with it.... until you're like completely super human. Nice, huh?" Then you....
  7. You try to vainly unlock the doors. "I DON'T WANNA BE SUPER HUMAN!!!" you yell. With a lot of effort, you manage to break the handle. But that doesn't get you anywhere. The man says, "BEEP! You idiot! This is a new car! Why'd you BEEP'N do that!"
  8. He finally stops yelling and pulls into this little corner with an abandoned garage and a rusty gate that opens to a winding dirt road. "Let me open the gate," the guy says.
  9. He opens the gate and gets in the car. You enter the gate and start on the road. Once out of view of the gate the man starts going what seems like 100 mph. You....
  10. You see a gigantic white mansion trimmed with chipping gold paint. It looks nice because the sun's out, but you know what fate awaits you so you don't smile. But the man does. "Look," he says. "The doctor awaits."
  11. We are done for now.... wait for a surprise in Part2! See ya!!!

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