How Much Of A Nerd Are You

This Is Where You Can Determine How Much Of A Geek You Are, Using The Answers You Choose To The Question, At The End Of This FUN Quiz You Will Get Your Nerd Score, In A Percentage

Correctly According To Your Lifestyle Once You've Done The Quiz Properly Feel Free To Mess About, And Experiment Seeing How To Get The Highest/Lowest Score

Created by: Unknown

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  1. How Do You React When A New Computer Game/Game Console Is Released??
  2. How Do You React When Your Teacher Tells You About An Upcoming Quiz
  3. How Often Do You Go Out And Buy Stationary??
  4. What Is Your Favourite Hobby?
  5. What Is Your Favourite Genre* Of TV Programs? *Genre Means Subject, Like Action Or Sports
  6. What Is 16 + 8 ???
  7. Do You Own A Calucator?
  8. What Sport Do You Like Best?
  9. Do You/Did You Take Part In Sports Day, At School??
  10. Can You Code PHP Or HTML Well?

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