Buddhist Revision Guide 1: Buddha begins!

OK ... I created this quiz so me and my friends could revise the Buddhism section for our R.E GCSEs... but if anyone else thinks that they want to see if they are Buddhawise, or if they need to revise to they are welcome to take this quiz!

So... ARE YOU BUDDHAWISE? Do you know your Buddha from your Bhikkuni? If you think you got the brains, click this way and be prepared to get that GCSE!!

Created by: Anna P
  1. What was the Buddha's real name?
  2. When and where did Buddhism start?
  3. Siddhartha was a rich prince and had everything he wanted. However, his father was told by a fortune teller that his son would become a great king or a religious leader. Anxious that his son should be a king what did the King do?
  4. He began to feel dissatisfied with life and its meaning. Whilst out one day with his charioteer, what did he see that changed his life forever.
  5. Before becoming enlightened, what practice did Siddhartha undertake that failed to show him life's meanings?
  6. Buddha became enlightened one night whilst thinking deeply about life and meditating underneath a Bodhi tree. What order did his enlightenment take?
  7. Siddhartha gathered followers and they began to travel and preach around India. There were two types of followers- monks and nuns and then ordinary folk who worshipped in their households. What is the name given to these three groups?
  8. The Buddha eventually died after 45 years of teaching. What happened to his bones when he died?
  9. What does the word Buddha mean?
  10. What flower is commonly associated with Buddhism?

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