The Ultimate Nerd Test

The Nerd factor has been sought by many and feared by others. This unique brand of students is very hard to understand. We have come up with an ingenious test of knowledge to see how much nerd blood flows through you veins. Gool Luck and may the force be with you!

Are YOU a nerd? Do you have the useless knowledge that will someday get you into college? Think you are the king of all nerds? Just take a few minutes to find out how nerdy you actually are!

Created by: Nedry
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  1. What is 7 in bianary?
  2. What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?
  3. Only you and DEAD people can read Hex. How many perople can read Hex?
  4. How many sides does a rubik's cube have?
  5. What are the first 6 numbers of pi?
  6. How many planets are there?
  7. How many flavors are in a can of Dr. Pepper?
  8. How many of the following do you speak? (1) The Vernacular (2) HTML (3) C++ (4) Klingon
  9. Do you know what a software easter egg is?
  10. Do you know what an Iguanadon is?
  11. Which one is NOT an element?
  12. Have you ever built or taken apart a (or part of a) computer?
  13. How many of the following do you have? (1) Facebook (2) Myspace (3) Xanga (4) Your own Wiki
  14. Can you get to a periodic table in 15 seconds without using your computer?
  15. How many of the following do you own? (1)Telescope (2)Microscope (3)Laptop (4)Pong
  16. What is your favorite class?
  17. Can you solve a 4x4 rubik's cube?
  18. Do you know what BSG is?
  19. Which of the following is not an MMORPG?
  20. How well do you think you did on this quiz?

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