Avatar the last airbener

This is the Ultimate Avatar Fan quiz if you can pass this quiz you are deemed worthy of being an avatar nerd and you are really smart with avatar if you can pass this quiz

The Avatar Nerd quiz will be really really hard you might have to search some of the questions online but that would be cheating please take the test legit ally!

Created by: DARTZ of Avatar Spirit
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  1. What do you have to pass to go the Southern Air Temple from the South Pole?
  2. Who was Firelord Azulon's Wife?
  3. Air bending comes from the style
  4. Which is not a true original bending source.
  5. Who was Admiral Zhao's fire bending teacher?
  6. What is the most universal element?
  7. What nation is the most populated
  8. What is the symbol of the Bei Fong Family?
  9. What color are Toph's eyes?
  10. Who is the Gan Jin tribe

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