The Avatar "Impossible" quiz

In the world of Avatar, there exists only one Airbender. And yet, there are many who seek to aspire to the level of AVATAR AMAZING, which is a deputy to the Avatar. Though many have attempted to accomplish this high level, the honor is only reserved for the chosen, those who have the knowledge and connection to the Avatar that is metaphysical in nature...

Could you be a chosen one? Are you AVATAR Amazing, one with a deep spiritual connection to the Avatar? Until now, it has been a secret locked for the ages. But through this quiz, you will be able to see if you are one of the chosen: one who is truly worthy of the title AVATAR AMAZING!!!

Created by: Caleb
  1. which air temple did Aang, Katara, and Sokka visit first?
  2. Who is the leader of the kyoshi warriors?
  3. Besides the Unagi, what other creature does Aang attempt to swim with in the waters of Kyoshi?
  4. What did all of King Bumi's tests revolve around?
  5. how does King Bumi discover that Aang is the Avatar?
  6. what was lost longer?
  7. what is a good word to describe the Warden?
  8. Who is Tyro's son?
  9. What are the first word(s) you hear Jet say?
  10. Who vouched for Sokka when he told them that Jet was gonna blow the dam?
  11. Who blew the dam?
  12. How many stomachs did Aang say Appa has?
  13. From which episode was the Canon Crawler from?
  14. In the Great Divide, the game Aang made up about Way Jin and Jin Way, what was the name of the game?
  15. In the beginning of The Storm, in Aang's dream who is on Aang's glider?
  16. Which type of bender did Sokka think he was when he was sick in the episode of the Blue Spirit?
  17. In The Blue Spirit, who captured Aang?
  18. What is Commander Zhao promoted to in this episode?
  19. What cure was advised to help Sokka and Katara feel better?
  20. In the Fortune Teller episode, what does the Wavy moon shaped cloud mean?
  21. What did Aang do when he received the map to Sokka and Katara's dad?
  22. what bending did Aang want to learn but the Deserter told him he wasn't ready?
  23. Who was the Deserter's past pupil?
  24. What did Aang say the people gliding at the Northern Air temple were missing?
  25. Why couldn't Katara be taught water bending at the North pole?
  26. How was Admiral Zhao planning to take over the North?
  27. How was his plan put to waste?

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