How much do you know about Avatar?

There are few people who know EVERY little detail abouut Avatar, are you one of them? This quiz dives into the details, and more in your face questions about Avatar. Will you be on top, or down under the vast ocean of losers? Don't be scared, come test your mind!

How muck do YOU know about avatar? did you know that Toph's last name is ----...Oh yeah, like i'm really going to tell you! That is not even one of the questions and I bet your trying to figure it out right now! (If not, good for you, go take a smart quiz!)

Created by: Zuko/Azula_DarkDragon

  1. What game does Iroh like playing? (You have to know who Iroh is!)
  2. In the episode The Desert, who drinks it, and what do they drink?
  3. Where did the Blue Spirit get his mask?
  4. Ty Lee says that ----- is her calling, what is it?
  5. What did the two travelers name there child after Serphents Pass?
  6. What episode do you first see Aang with hair?
  7. Which powerful person was blamed for destroying Chin The Great?
  8. A lunar eclipse does what do the waterbenders?
  9. What is carved into Katara's neckalace?
  10. What color boomarang does Aang have?
  11. What is Toph's nickname for Aang?
  12. Toph sees with what?
  13. Who was Sokka's first girfriend?
  14. What does the traveler in the desert call Momo?
  15. What did Zuko go through in the Earth kingdom?
  16. Last question. What move is the most dangerous?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Avatar?