So you think your the biggest Avatar Fan?

So, you think Your the biggest Avatar Fan? So, you think your a True Avatar Master? So, you Think you got what it takes to pass this Quiz and become a true Avatar master? You watched all the episodes and payed attention?

If you answered yes to all the questions above go ahead and take this quiz, See if you are One of the Great Avatar Masters!! Or if your just a wana-be fan. Come on I dare you to find out, It won't take that Long.

Created by: Hannah
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  1. How does Katara get her self imprisoned?
  2. who is Jet?
  3. what is the correct order of Elements
  4. The blind bandit was Toph, The painted Lady was Katara, The blue spirt was Zuko, but who was the Runaway?
  5. In tales of basingsa what do Toph and Katara do?
  6. In what episode is Katara neckalace Lost?
  7. Is Azula ever in season one?
  8. What Charka does Aang lock?
  9. In the Headband What does Aang say his name is?
  10. What Does sokka make his sword out of in the Sokka's Master?
  11. In the day of Black sun what does Aang Relize?
  12. In boiling Rock, what was the origanal purpose for going
  13. In the southern Raiders Who does Katara and Zuko go to see?
  14. How does Aang Defeat the FireLord?
  15. What Couples end up Happining?
  16. How long has it been since Sokka and Katara Found Aang?

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Quiz topic: So you think my the biggest Avatar Fan?