Avatar-Bending Quiz

"Avatar: The last Airbender" is an anime which this quiz is based on... Benders are people which can use elemental powers... Such as Earth, Water, Fire or Air... Of course "Avatar" world isn't full of Benders... There are also normal people... & the almighty Avatar which can use all 4 elements together...

What kind of person are you?? Are you only a regular person... Or maybe... You are some kind of Bender... Or maybe... You are the one... And the only Avatar - the almighty bridge between the real world & the world of great spirits ?! CHECK IT OUT !! Just spare a couple of minutes fulfilling this quiz :)

Created by: Ziutek
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  1. When you go to your bed and close your eyes before you fall asleep... What do you see or feel??
  2. What Sport do you like the most??
  3. What is the most important thing in human personality?? (yours or in someones)
  4. Decision time... What would you do if your friend come to your house & invite you to the party - you have to do your own home job & there will be really bad consequences if you go NOW !!!
  5. You have enough money and you want to go on a vacation... Where would it be??
  6. If you have choice to throw the garbage/trash without any lose of time and your energy etc. What will you do??
  7. What kind of Bender would you like to be?? *** the answer don't mean the same result ;p *** - this question shows your point of view what's have its own meaning and interpretation?
  8. What drink do you like the most??
  9. On what continent were you born??
  10. What kind of weather disaster do you like the most??
  11. On what part of Avatars World would you like to be born??
  12. What will you do if 2 people fight each other & you could change the final result of this fight??
  13. What is the worst thing for you to do from the list below??
  14. What part of the year where you born??
  15. What color makes you feel better ?? / chils you down / relax etc.
  16. What kind of weapon do you like the most??
  17. What kind of body do you possess ??
  18. What kind of public transport would you like to use ?? (* you have enough money to use all the proposition *)
  19. If you were a leader of your own country... In what system would you rule??
  20. If you have to chose a place to live... Where would it be??
  21. The most important value in your life is...
  22. When you are spending time with your friends... You feel like...
  23. What would you say if someone would tell: - AHH! The world is about to die!
  24. You prefer...

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