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Water, Earth, Fire, Air. A long time ago, the world lived in harmony, but that all changed when I looked for a good Avatar quiz to take online. Having found none, I took a shot at making my own.

Do you wish you could bend the elements? Can you hardly wait until the new Avatar show starts? Do you find Azula electrifying? Well if so, this is the quiz for you! Can you pass the test? Or will you fail harder than Ozai?

Created by: amazon
  1. Out of the five benders who can manipulate Lightning to some extent, who can redirect it?
  2. What is the correct order of Air temples that Aang chronologically visits?
  3. How much was the Pirate captain willing to sell the Waterbending Scroll to Team Avatar for in Book 1- Chapter 9, "The Waterbending Scroll"?
  4. Zuko participated in every Agni Kai shown in the series. How many were there?
  5. Which of the five Bending Arts were not taught to humans by an animal?
  6. This instrument, said to be great for music night on the ship, was bought by Iroh in "The Waterbending Scroll", but was not played by him in his song "The Four Seasons".
  7. What vegetable was most humorously used to create a pun by King Bumi in Book 1- Chapter 5 "The King of Omashu"?
  8. How does Aunt Wu predict Katara will die in Book 1- Chapter 14, "The Fortuneteller"?
  9. Which member of Team Avatar did not learn a specialized bending technique from someone else?
  10. Azula is named for which of her relatives?
  11. The Water tribe's government is considered a...
  12. In Book 2- Chapter 7, "Zuko Alone", what is the weapon that Zuko entrusts to the young farmer boy.
  13. Who is the only member of the Order of the White Lotus to share his native bending element with the Grandmaster?
  14. Which one of these weapons was never used by Sokka?
  15. The Dai Li were created by who?
  16. Which nation was thought to be the most spiritual?
  17. Which element is the best?
  18. Who was the referee of the Redemption game that Aang made up in Book 1 - Chapter 11, "The Great Divide"?
  19. Monk Gyatso was known to throw which type of cuisine at his fellow council members, as evidenced in Book 1- Chapter 3, "The Southern Air Temple"?
  20. Who was the owner of the beloved Bosco?
  21. Which of the following attributes is never said to be one of the emotions that can fuel Firebending?
  22. Name the spirit companions of Wan Shi Tong who assisted the giant Owl in his library.
  23. When Aang is trying to remove Ozai's Firebending, what is the only part of him that is not corrupted by the Phoenix King's light?
  24. Iroh's surrogate relationship with Zuko most likely stems from...
  25. When the series ended, did you cry?

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