How Perverse Are You?

Baseball is the Great American Pasttime. It can be very similar to other games we play. Trying to rate your willingness to experiment using baseball terminology is what this quiz is all about.

Are you a little leaguer? Have you played in the minors? Do you play in the majors? Are you a Hall of Famer? Find out how versatile you are by taking this quiz!

Created by: kelley dunagan
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  1. How old were you the first time you hit a home run?
  2. Have you ever played anywhere other than a regulation field?
  3. Have you ever played in the back field as the home team?
  4. Have you ever played in the back field as the visiting team?
  5. If your star pitcher is injured, do you have a replacement readily available?
  6. If your manager wants to bring in an assistant coach to help you win the play-offs, how does that make you feel?
  7. Is there a certain bat you just have to have and can't hit without?
  8. If you normally play in a co-ed league, have you sometimes played with only the same gender? *OR* If you normally play in a gender specific league, have you ever played co-ed?
  9. Have you ever gotten up an impromptu game with total strangers?
  10. Have you ever played while having to wear an eye patch or a cast on your arms or legs?

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Quiz topic: How Perverse am I?