The greatest hardest baseball quiz

There are dumb people, dumber people and smrt people. Can you pass my quiz? Take it and fine out. OR else no I'm just kidding, or am I!!!!!. Nah I am, Or Am i... No just please take my quiz please and rate 10

Can you take my quiz? Well try it out. It's a little ( a lot) hard but if you know baseball, you'll get I;m sure.You know just play my quiz and rate ten. I don't really care.

Created by: Vinny

  1. How many years was Yogi Berra on the Mets?
  2. Which team LOST the most world series up to 2009?
  3. What was the Pirates record in 2005?
  4. How many games were the Indians ahead of the 2nd place Royals in 1995?
  5. How many career stolen bases did Lou Brock have?
  6. Who hit the most career grandslams?
  7. Which pitcher lost his perfect game when he hit the 27th batter with a pitch? FYI, he hit THE PITCHER!!!!!!!!!
  8. What was the shortest game by time?
  9. What date did Nolan Ryan win his first game?
  10. Did Carlos Delgado start his career at first base?
  11. How many former Mets pitchers pithched no-hitters for the Yankees?
  12. How is this quiz so far?
  13. How many pitchers kept a perfect game going for extra innings?
  14. What NL team was the first to lose 10,000 games?
  15. How many of Joe Dimmagio's brothers also played baseball?
  16. Before 1889, up to how many balls would equal a walk?
  17. How old was the oldest manager to retire?
  18. Wich Pitcher gave up the most homeruns in his career?
  19. Nolan Ryan lose less than 300 games but lost more than 290

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