What do you know about MLB baseball

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Can you take the pressure of taking this quiz??? This quiz will be the hardest thing you'll do forever. Only 1 person on earth has ever passed my quiz. Can you take it and find out.

Created by: Vinski
  1. Who was the only pitcher to hit 2 grand slams in a game?
  2. Which team hit the fewest home runs in a season before 1910?
  3. Where can you buy a bratwurst?
  4. What were the most runs scored in an inning?
  5. What is the 2 oldest teams in the national league?
  6. How many home runs did Tommie Aaron hit?
  7. How long was the shortest game ever?
  8. Who hit the walkoff error to give the Mets the win over Boston in game 6 of the 86 world series?
  9. Who made the error to give the Mets the win over in game 6 of the 86 world series?
  10. Which one of these players was not Jewish?

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Quiz topic: What do I know about MLB baseball