Are you a true baseball fan?

Baseball is the freshest sport out there but it is also a thinking man's game. If you think you are a "True Baseball Fan" then put your knowledge to the test.

What the hell are you waiting for, stop reading and take the damn test. Take your time and if you cheat, well you struggle. If you score high, congratulations. If you score low... again you struggle.

Created by: kurt

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  1. The Home Team uses which dugout?
  2. What does 59/50 mean?
  3. What is a Cycle?
  4. Why is an "infield fly" even a rule?
  5. RBI stands for..
  6. Jackie Robinson, the first African-American to play wore what number?
  7. What year was Fenway Park built? Hint: It cost a whopping $650,000
  8. Who has the the record for most Home runs ever?
  9. California has how many MLB clubs currently?
  10. "Buy me some ________ and __________"
  11. What MLB team reigns supreme?
  12. Did you use Google to answer any of the above questions?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true baseball fan?