Do you know Baseball?

This is a quiz to test what all you know about the great game of baseball. I encourage you to take this test even if you don't know much about the game.

This test will prove to you and to your friends the hidden, but very important rules of baseball. It will make you think about the game in a way you have never done so before.

Created by: jasonthoresen

  1. If the batter hits the ball into left and the ball hits the foul pole but the ball Goes over the fence. Is that considered a home run
  2. In the MLB,is there a limit to how many times a pitcher can hit batters?
  3. How many innings can a starting pitcher pitch?
  4. Can a pitcher be taken out of the game and then put back in?
  5. Can the umpire throw a pitcher out of the game for hitting a batter intentionally?
  6. How many times can a batter hit in one inning?
  7. What is it called when the pitcher is replaced but stays in the game?
  8. What is the only numbed retired in baseball?
  9. How many players(on either team)can be on the field at one time
  10. Is there a limit to the time outs called?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Baseball?