NWLL Minor Mets - Position Quiz

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This little quiz will help you get started with baseball. Once you have the basics down, we can get into more advanced techniques and challenge you further!

Testing the basics of baseball is another way for the coach to know if you have a good understanding of the rules and of the situations you will be in during play.

Created by: Coach JP LeBerg
  1. In which position is the "Pitcher"?
  2. What position is the "First Baseman"?
  3. For a long, straight and fast throw, which grip is best on the ball?
  4. How many outs per half inning?
  5. How many balls can a pitcher throw before the batter gets a walk?
  6. You're on first base. Which base does your body face when you're ready to start running?
  7. When catching a ball, what do you use?
  8. Do you have to wear a protective cup for practices and games?
  9. When batting, should the batter be wearing a helmet?
  10. When entering or leaving the field for games (and even for practices), should you run or walk?

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