Do You Know the Mets?

Many people know the game of baseball. Many people know the teams. But how many know the New York Mets? This quiz will give you ten simple questions about the Mets that will rank you on how well you know the Mets.

Do YOU know the Mets? Do you really think that you could ace this quiz? It's all about the New York Mets. Judging by your brainpower, I can tell if you were born in Flushing, or if you were born in Fatlanta.

Created by: Andrew the Mets Fan
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  1. What year did the Mets get eliminated in the playoffs by the Giants?
  2. What does Orange, black, blue, white, and pinstripes on the Mets jerseys stand for?
  3. Who did the Mets trade to get Johan Santana from the Minnesota Twins on Jan. 29, 2008?
  4. Who did Endy Chavez double up at first base after he made a home run saving catch in Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS?
  5. What year were the Mets established and what was their record?
  6. What number did Jose Valentin wear as a Met during the 2007 season?
  7. Who was the National League Championship Series MVP of 1986?
  8. Who was Shea Stadium named after?
  9. Who was the underdog of the 1969 World Series?
  10. What achievements did Tom Seaver get with the Mets?

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