How much do you know about the Mets?

There are lots of Mets fans out there who celebrate this franchise's Amazin' history. Whether you are a casual fan or a diehard fan, you are pround to be rooting for such a classy organization.

So how much do YOU know about Mets history? Are you qualified to call yourself "diehard" or do you need to study up before claiming so? Take this quiz to find out how much you know about the past of our favorite team!

Created by: tessa perry of myspace
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  1. Which Met had the highest single season batting average in franchise history, at .354?
  2. How many games did Ed Kranepool play for the Mets?
  3. How many games did Tom Seaver win as a Met?
  4. The 1962 Mets had a record of 40-120. How many games behind the first place Giants did they finish?
  5. What was Dwight Gooden's ERA in 1985, when he won 24 games?
  6. Which of the following did NOT win rookie of the year while with the Mets?
  7. Who has the best single season win-loss percentage among Mets starters?
  8. Which Manager led the Mets to more losses than any other manager in franchise history?
  9. Which of the following Mets did NOT hit more home runs than anyone else in the league in a single season?
  10. Who hit the first home run in Mets history on April 11, 1962 in St. Louis?
  11. On July 16, 2006, the Mets had their best inning in franchise history at Wrigley Field in Chicago, scoring 11 runs. Who did NOT hit a home run in this inning?
  12. Which pitcher had the most wins on the Mets staff in 1986?
  13. Who did the Mets get in the ill-advised trade for Nolan Ryan in 1972?
  14. Who did the Mets get in the trade that sent future ace Mike Scott to the Houston Astros?
  15. The Mets won their first game on April 23, 1962 against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Who was the winning pitcher?
  16. Which Diamondbacks pitcher surrendered Todd Pratt's walk off home run to win the 1999 NLDS?
  17. On what date did Mike Piazza make his Mets debut, after being acquired in a trade with the Florida Marlins?
  18. Who was the only Met to hit a grand slam in 1984?
  19. Who was the on-deck batter when Mookie Wilson hit his little roller up along first in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series?
  20. With a start at 3rd base on May 2nd, 1995, this Met became the 100th 3rd baseman in franchise history. Who was he?

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