How Much do you know about the New York Mets

Many people say they know alot about the Mets, but you can only be sure after taking this quiz! If you are a lousy yankee fan, then I would suggest for you to leave right now. Taking this quiz might make you feel jealous, and we wouldn't want that to happen.

This quiz has many questions on the greatest team that ever played, the New York Mets! So Again, I am hoping that you can reach inside your mind and answer all of the questions.

Created by: John Williams
  1. What were the Mets originally going to be called?
  2. What kind of fruit pops out in the stadium when a player hits a homerun?
  3. What year were the Mets created?
  4. What is "Mets" short for?
  5. What year did the Mets throw their first no hitter
  6. How Many World Series have the Mets won?
  7. What is the Mets stadium called?
  8. Who did the Mets play in the 1986 World Series?
  9. What borough of New York is the Mets stadium in?
  10. What is the Met's mascot's name?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I know about the New York Mets