Are you a baseball expert?

So, you came looking for a good, hard baseball quiz. you came to the right place. In this quiz, you will find out how baseballish you really are. Proceed.

Ha! Road block! You can't continue 'till you read this paragraph! I'm such a meanie-weanie aren't I? Well anyway, you will learn meaningless facts about baseball in 5 4 3 2 1 Ta-Daa!

Created by: Josh
  1. How many home runs did Matt Kemp hit in 2011?
  2. What was Albert Belle's former first name?
  3. What player is twenty fifth on the all time home run list?
  4. Who has the most strikeouts among position players?
  5. how many home runs did babe ruth hit in 1922?
  6. Who had the best OPS in 1992?
  7. Who allowed the fewest hits per nine innings in 1966?
  8. Who won the MVP in 2006 in the NL?
  9. Who had the most wins in 1961?
  10. In which year did Albert Pujols lead the majors in runs and total bases but not in home runs, runs batted in, or batting average?
  11. Who struck out the most batters in 2011?
  12. How many games did Bob Welch win in 1990?
  13. Who had the best ERA in 1996?
  14. How many home runs did Don Lenhardt hit in 1950?
  15. What team won the National league pennant in 1936?
  16. What team was leading the American League as of May 21,1965?
  17. Which player hit 50 or more (51) home runs in 2005?
  18. Which team won the AL west in 1975?

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