Will you make it to the MLB?

If you love baseball, and if you are curious about wanting to know if you'll make it to the MLB, take this test. I put in a lot of thought into this, and it should be somewhat accurate.

Like me, I'm curious, and I'm 13. Baseball has been my life since I was 6, and I want you to be like me, and have known a little of your baseball career.

Created by: TroyTorjans6

  1. How old are you?
  2. What is your gender?
  3. Do you play baseball? If so, do you play, tavel or rec-ball?
  4. Do you practice baseball daily?
  5. If so, how long do you practice?
  6. Do you work out?
  7. If so, how long do you?
  8. Do you get a good education?
  9. Do you have any local coaches that help yoo?
  10. Have you had an pro athletes graduate from your city's high school?
  11. Do you want to go to college to get better?
  12. Do you want to play baseball for your high school? The school's team, or a more advanced team that would give you scholarships to college?
  13. Do you think you're good? Do other people think you're good? Don't brag.
  14. Are you nice to your coach? Or do you just ditch him and don't care about him.
  15. Do you want to go to a small college or a big, well-known University?
  16. How much do you play baseball?
  17. Do you watch pro games to watch what the players do?

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Quiz topic: Will I make it to the MLB?