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The college baseball recruiting process is an intricate process. Those people who know how the process works are worlds ahead of the competition. What do you know about the recruiting process? Could you be doing more for yourself or your child? When it comes to scholarship and the cost of an education today we're dealing with several thousands of dollars. Scholarships in baseball are very limited. Are you doing everything possible to maximize your chance at obtaining as much of that scholarship as you can?

Take our short and fun quiz here to find out where you stack up in your knowledge of college baseball. No cheating. And remember, the answer to these questions and thousands more are all included on the Recruiting Closer website. Good Luck!

Created by: danny

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  1. How many scholarships does a fully funded Division I program have?
  2. What is the smallest amount of scholarship a program can offer a student-athlete?
  3. Which form of correspondence has the NCAA banned between coaches and recruits?
  4. Which team has the highest average RPI over the last 5 seasons?
  5. Which conference had the highest RPI average in 2008?
  6. Which team has the most wins over the last 5 seasons?
  7. What team has qualified for the most super regionals (there has been 10 years of super regionals)?
  8. Who has the highest batting average over the last 4 seasons?
  9. Why is it not worth my time to go to a showcase in March?
  10. What has the NCAA now made mandatory prior to taking an official visit?
  11. Reason why you wouldn't sign up for a year membership with Recruiting Closer
  12. What is better to sign for, a percentage or a dollar amount?
  13. How many times a week can a coach call you your Junior year?
  14. True or False: If i rush into a decision and I'm unhappy after my first season i can transfer to another Division I school and play the following year.
  15. How many times are you allowed to contact a coach during your junior season?
  16. How many official visits can you take?
  17. College baseball rosters are sometimes as large as 40 players
  18. An available option to show my skills to a Division I coach is to sign up for individual lessons with him.

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