How Georgia Are U?

This quiz asks how Georgia are you. Are you a die hard Dawg fan? PROVE IT. Do you watch college gameday, track recruiting, know awards players have won. Know the legends, the players, the announcers, and coaches

The answers will tell whether you are a phony Dawg fan or the real one. Are you REALLY a georgia boy/girl or are you trying to be. Take the are you georgia test

Created by: Cody
  1. What are 3 recruiting sources for the Dawgs
  2. Who is Frank Sinkwhich
  3. What is I am Georgia
  4. Who is the last heisman winner for the Dawgs
  5. Who r two of the three college gameday analysts
  6. What is the conference of the dawgs
  7. Where is The Dawgs Stadium and what is it's name
  8. On a scale of 1-3 how GA are u w/ 1 being the least GA
  9. Who is the most fierce rival of The Dawgs
  10. Who is Georgia's sponsor

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