Are you really Georgian?

Georgia. The Empire State of the South. The Peach State. Are you one of us? Or are you just a Yankee interloper, sippin' on some pop and eatin' a hoagie?

We'll see if you deserve to join us down here in the heat and humidity for some real barbecue (none of that Carolina junk) and an ice-cold Coke. You wish. Take the quiz, wannabe.

Created by: bill
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  1. Which of these is worse?
  2. Where is Jimmy Carter from?
  3. Which of these items are necessarily produced or grown in Georgia?
  4. How did Margaret Mitchell die?
  5. When ordering a drink, which of these should you never ask for?
  6. Which of the following is a popular Atlanta brew?
  7. Which of these rivers defines most of the border between Georgia and South Carolina?
  8. If you were about to eat a "Chili dog walkin'", where would you be?
  9. What is the highest point in Georgia?
  10. There is a confederate memorial carved in the face of Stone Mountain. When viewing it, which direction are the depictees facing?

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Quiz topic: Am I really Georgian?