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Georgia is a US state in the Southeast, with an economy driven by textile manufacturing, food processing, and wood products. Atlanta, the capital, is a major transportation and business hub.

If you think you know Georgia, you will have to prove it by taking our Georgia quizzes. Are you a true Georgian?

Our Georgia Quiz List

  • How much of a Georgian are you?
    [by: Brian, rated: rated: 2.11/5, published: Jan 8, 2007]

    Many people "claim" they are from Georgia... let's see if you're a Georgia Peach or a New York Yankee. After taking this quiz you'll be able to know if "you…

  • How Atlanta are you?
    [by: Dave Jensen, rated: rated: 2.87/5, published: Jan 13, 2007]

    There are nearly 5 million people living in and around the great American city of Atlanta, Georgia. Some of you might already live here, but find out if you…

  • Are you really Georgian?
    [by: bill, rated: rated: 2.64/5, published: Mar 6, 2007]

    Georgia. The Empire State of the South. The Peach State. Are you one of us? Or are you just a Yankee interloper, sippin' on some pop and eatin' a hoagie?

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