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Hello, this is a 16 question quiz that will tell you what element your personality is most like. I made a quiz like this a few years back and it was good but the questions didn't really make sense so I decided too have another go at it.

I've done some re-search about the elements and found out about the traits and details each one holds. Your birth sign will tell you which element you are based on your birth date, but what element is your personality like? I have tried my best on the questions and I hope you enjoy it! Good Luck! :)

Created by: BiscuitBear37
  1. Looking deeper into your personality what word do you think describes you the best?
  2. Same again :)
  3. And again 1 more time :)
  4. When it comes too the love of nature, where would you put yourself on a scale of 1-10?
  5. What is your birth sign?
  6. Many people are emotional though how much can vary, on a scale of 1-10 how would you describe your sensitivity?
  7. A person can make a big impact on something or someone. Like a popular person can start a trend and many people will copy, or how a teacher can leave you with maths and history facts swirling in your brain. What impact do you have on others?
  8. Life can be really difficult sometimes and sometimes we need people too lead us in the right direction. How well do you manage in getting on with life even though hurdling through obstacles that get in our way can be really difficult too manage with?
  9. How deeply do you feel emotions?
  10. If you could describe your personality with nature, how would you describe it?
  11. Fear is a feeling that people re-act too in many different ways. How easily scared do you get?
  12. How would you describe your friends?
  13. How often do you change your style, favourite colours, favourite foods, and other likes and dislikes?
  14. Would you describe yourself as fierce?
  15. What is your favourite colour?
  16. Out of these, where would you most like too go on holiday?

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