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  • Ghost Hunting
    "Corey shivered. "Ugh" as a large spider scuttled across the ceiling trying to get away from the antibacterial spray they were holding. "1 do..."
  • Ghost Hunting
    ""We're supposed to share ten dollars between six of us??" Corey sighed in frustration as she scrubbed the dirt of the walls. "When was the l..."
  • "Tomato soup is definitely my comfort sick food it is a bit acidic when I've got a sore throat but it's warm and comforting so it's good"
  • Roleplay
    ""Still at work" Anne's mother wavered. Her husband hadn't been home for a few days and she worried that something awful had happened. "
  • Ghost Hunting
    "Name: Corey Thompson Gender: female Pronouns: she/they Sexuality: Bi Age: 16 Personality: Introvert and shy"
  • Vampire Roleplay
    "Eleanor sighed and rolled her eyes. "I'm not annoyed...just curious" she snapped defensively."
  • Bullying
    "Hi guys I'm struggling with school at the moment. I'm failing in some of my lessons and struggling with friendship. I've moved out of my old..."
  • Vampire Roleplay
    "Eleanor nodded and crossed her arms annoyed Hunter wasn't answering."
  • Help me write a story!
    "(Little nerd you still there?)"
  • Roleplay
  • Vampire Roleplay
    ""Why don't you wear a hat then?" Eleanor asked before turning to chanelle. "Hi""
  • 1v1
    ""Anybody coming?""
  • Bullying
    "Bullying Quotes: "Bullying is a cowardly act. It's easy to bully someone when they aren't looking or when they can't fight back"
  • Vampire Roleplay
    ""Its really hot, why are you using an umbrella?" she asked innocently out of curiosity."
  • Kill or be killed
    "Florence handed over the remainder of her coins and was given her large tin of soup that they would have to ration for the next few days. Sh..."

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