Can you stay alive? (Roleplay Quiz)

Hello and welcome to this quiz. I am very proud of it as it took me AGES to make. I really hope you enjoy it, and please rate it. I have just moved up to junior standard and I have some pretty well-rated quizzes.

Feel free to click on my username if you want to try some of my quizzes and polls. Anyway-about this quiz: You are staying at Josie's grandma's house when strange things happen. Depending on your choices will you stay alive or will you die?

Created by: BiscuitBear37

  1. Which friend are you?
  2. Roleplay: You and your friends are staying at Josie's grannies house for the weekend. By the time you arrive it is 7:30. Grandma offers you cookies. Do you take one?
  3. Roleplay: Josie takes one, so some follow her lead. You get into your PJ's and go into the lounge where you will be sleeping. Grandma goes up to her room and says 'try to keep it down and lights out at nine please'. do you say anything?
  4. Roleplay: Grandma had picked out some films for you to watch. They include: Frozen, Wreck It Ralph, and Dumbo. Josie looks disgusted, and finds two new films. Dexter, and Creeped Out. Which do you watch?
  5. Roleplay: Finally the film finishes. You get comfy and talk for an hour, before going to sleep. Josie sets an alarm for midnight. When you awake at 12:00, you see Grandma has put two snacks out on the table. There's a note that read: Enjoy your midnight feast: Carrot Sticks and Fish and Chips flavoured crisps. Chris opens up a cupboard to reveal Junk Food Heaven. Wafers, Cake, Biscuits and chocolate bars as big as televisions. What do you eat?
  6. Roleplay: You eat your choice of snack and start playing a game of 'Shame'. Once that is finished you play Truth or Dare' Suddenly you hear a scream, then a baby crying. What do you do?
  7. Roleplay: If you didn't choose to investigate, don't worry. Josie and Chris did. They don't come back, but you hear Josie's voices screaming 'Help' five minutes later.
  8. Roleplay: You run to where the voice is coming from, only to find it wasn't Josie who screamed. It was grandma. With Josie and Chris out of sight, it's up to you and two close friends to decide what to do next. What do you tell Grandma.
  9. Roleplay: Grandma's reply is- I am Baking some more cookies. Would any of you care to help?
  10. Roleplay: Whatever happens, Grandma finds a way to make you help her with the cookies. You have put all of the ingredients in. "Now for the secret ingredient!!" She cackles with a grin on her face. "Blood! Little children's fresh blood!" What do you do?
  11. Roleplay: The front door is locked, so you look for the back door. Grandma is coming, though she needs a walking stick to walk, so she is 40 seconds behind you. Do you dive into the swimming pool room or the bathroom?
  12. Roleplay: You lock the door. If you went into the swimming pool, you find a vent at the bottom of the pool. Claudia manages to open it, but it's -11 degrees in there. Grandma is getting closer. Do you go through the vent, or hide?
  13. Roleplay: If you chose the Bathroom you lock the door, before realising there is no escape other then the vent on the ceiling. It is -11 degrees and you must stand on the toilet seat to reach it. You are hanging from the vent, 3 metres of the ground. The fall would be deadly, though you manage to cling on. Do you go through the vent or try to hide?
  14. Roleplay: Do you think you have escaped the house?

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