Would we be friends?

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Alright.This is a quiz to find out if we would be friends.I dunno if people even read these paragraphs anyways.I hate the stupid minimum words thing.Finally.

So,I explained everything in the first paragraph.Maybe.Did you touch grass yet?If you didn’t,put your phone down and go outside.Touching grass is good for you.Then do the quiz after you touch grass.

Created by: averagestudent
  1. Okay first off,how often do you get in trouble at school?
  2. What is your wisdom on bad grades?
  3. How would your friends describe how you are to THEM?
  4. How would your friends describe how you are to your WORK?
  5. What are some of your bad attributes?
  6. What are your hobbies?
  7. Now I’ma ask you some Would You Rather questions.Would you rather be gaming or watch someone gaming?
  8. Would you rather have long hair or short hair?
  9. Would you rather have a modern fashion style or a classic fashion style?
  10. Would you rather be famous or be rich?
  11. Would you rather be the drummer or the singer in a band?
  12. Okay now what’s your fav ice cream flavour?
  14. Do you know…with When,Where,and What,if you replace the W with a T,you ANSWER those questions.
  15. HEHE BOY
  16. I’ve got a record player that was made in 2014~
  17. I like vintage dresses when they fall just below my knees
  18. I’m in the elevator,goin’ down down down
  19. Bye!
  20. *holds at gunpoint* HANDS UP
  21. *BOOM*

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