Would you fit into our modern fashion pattern?(girl edition)

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Do you fit in with the modern trends? Find out with this greatly enticing quiz of my own making. This contains twelve questions to find out if you fit in with our modern worlds choices.

You are a great person who is unique in personality and style. You may have the same interests as your friends but your style will never be the same no matter how close they seem. Now I should better let you get on and start with the quiz. I hope you get the result you want and please comment and remark (tell) me how I did! LOL!!!

Created by: GinnyWeasley12

  1. First of, hello! How are you?
  2. What is your definition of the latest styles?
  3. Are you a shopaholic?(Do you shop too much?)
  4. What is your daily wear? No.1 colors(What are your wardrobe colors?)
  5. What is your daily wear? Lengths
  6. What is your daily wear?Patterns
  7. If you went on a clothes shopping spree with a million dollars what would you buy?
  8. How old are you?
  9. What's your favorite clothes store?
  10. Who do you where?
  11. What do you wear on your feet normally?
  12. Good bye! I love you all!

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