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  • Harry Potter Roleplay Quiz
    [published: Jan 05, 2024]

    Hi,this is a Hogwarts Roleplaying Quiz!In this quiz,you will role play as a student at Hogwarts!Earn……

  • Quiz to help me level up!
    [published: Sep 06, 2023]

    This took a very long time.It took weeks to make this.Please take this.I’m lying,this took maximum 40……

  • The Quest RPG Quiz
    [published: Aug 09, 2023]

    Over the last few months I’ve been roleplaying,writing,and just generally chilling at GTQ.This is a shoutout……

  • Would we be friends?
    [published: Aug 07, 2023, 21 comments]

    Alright.This is a quiz to find out if we would be friends.I dunno if people even read these paragraphs……

  • Career quizzes lol

    Just quizzes about careers,lol.Anyways,I need to fill this box up so Ill just continue typing this sentence.

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  • "(Kk) Azalea was excited. Really excited. In just a few weeks she would be back at the neighborhood, able to see Rain and Reya again. She..."
  • The Starship Odyssey
    "Hazel crashes into the floor, dropping her ray gun, which fires off a wave of bolts and blowing up some random lever. “Crap, those were "
  • "(Do I post or do I not post, I think right now Azalea is still at the boarding school)"
  • "Name: Azalea, Leah for short. Appearance: Shoulder length, wavy chocolate brown hair, tan, vivid purple eyes. Personality: A bit of ..."
  • The Starship Odyssey
    "Alanine is backed in a corner, trying to stay upright as the ship jerks and jolts. As the ship shakes violently, she finally stumbles and fa..."
  • The Starship Odyssey
    "Hazel notices the voice that said “hello”, and without thinking, she fires off a bolt from her ray gun, hitting another button that says “Hy"
  • Kind of quitting
    "ok update: I posted this early, I’m stuck in Baoding(China) with no YouTube, no Google, and bad internet and this is like one of the onl"
  • "My pfp’s back now oh my beloved pfp"
  • "Oh so this is why my pfp disappeared for a short amount of time"
  • The Seaweed Lounge
    "I stared at the word spoiler for too long, now it looks just…wrong and weird. Like whenever I look at a word that technically isn’t phonetic"
  • The Seaweed Lounge
    " what is this spoiler thingy? so anyways I ain’t actually quitting GTQ I’m just saying I’ll be here less. And rig"
  • "Alr we just need a C1"
  • Kind of quitting
    "GTQ just isn’t that fun anymore. I’ve had an amazing time on here, but it just lost its spark and isn’t really the same for me anymore. I’ll"
  • "This sounds cool, can I be C3?"
  • What if?
    "Then I would be screwed because I am NOT vegetarian and then the Vegan Teacher would be the least screwed What if Mars disappeared?"

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