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This took a very long time.It took weeks to make this.Please take this.I’m lying,this took maximum 40 minutes to crank out.30 minutes were spent sitting on the toilet taking a dump.

^I was only taking a dump for like 5 minutes.The rest of the 30 minutes were spent sitting there having an occasional number one and having butt pains because I was sitting there for so long.Now get outta here and take the quiz.

Created by: averagestudent
  1. So basically this is a quiz to help me level up
  2. There’s a filler result…Don’t try to get that.Please.
  3. Just don’t.It’s impossible and very hard.It will waste your time.
  4. Ok,now every single answer past this thing is an eight answer question.Only one answer gives a teeny push towards the filler ending,but the other seven give massive shoves to the other ending.
  5. Anyways,like I was saying,this is a quiz to help me level up.So,thank you for taking this!It helps a lot
  6. I need to improve my quality score,so I’ll say stuff about my life.
  7. I dyed my Billie Eilish hair brown.
  8. I have amber eyes.
  9. I’m 16 and in 11th grade
  10. Which emoji do you like?(These stuff came from my recent list of emojis)
  11. I’m nearing 15 questions!
  12. This is boring.
  13. Alright,we’re nearing the end so now TWO questions give +2 points toward the filler ending.Now to decide:Happy cat or filler?Cute ending or rare ending?
  14. Cat or glitch?Cat or glitch?Cute or rare?Cute or rare?
  15. We did it boys,let’s go,we succeeded.BTW,this is your final choice.Cute cat or rare glitch?I doubt that this will affect anything,but maybe.

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