If I didn't know any better... part 4

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Hey people! Sorry it took me so long to get this out, GTQ was giving me a hard time. Anyway, I've decided to make drawings of all of the characters, for fun, of course. Up above is how I imagine Valerie looking as an anime character XD

Sorry if my drawing sucks, I only spent, like, ten minutes on it, so I'll probably update it soon. I dunno. Anyway, I'll probably draw Aaron next, but us never know with me.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. ***RECAP ***Previously on 'If I didn't know any better...' I waltzed off to my bed, pulling off my crop top and shorts and slipping on a small revealing night gown. I trailed off to the restroom and loosely gathered my hair up into a messy bun before brushing my teeth vigorously. As I walked back into the room, I felt a sharp shove sending me across the room, where I sprawled out on a red beanbag chair. "Hey cutie." a familiar voice cackled, sending a chill up my spine. "Ethan... " I whispered, trying not to scream as he leaned over and...
  2. And... He leaned over the beanbag, gently folding his hand over mine and pulling me up to my feet. "You really are something." he chuckled, taking a seat on the corner of my mattress and motioning for me to take a seat. "Your right. I am something. No longer single." I grumbled, sitting on the corner furthest from him. "Calm down, vicious. I'm not here to bother you. I just came to check on you." he laughed, playing with the Strings on his shoes as he spoke. "Check on me? Why would you need to do that? " I questioned.
  3. He gave me a worried frown, turning his head to the side in a curious way that made his chocolatey brown hair cover his eyes. "You don't know? I thought I saw Aaron come by here earlier. " he shrugged. "Are you stalking me?" I asked. "Not unless you'd like me to." he flirted, sending a chill up my spine and a frown to my face. "Just tell me what you were talking about." I sighed, giving the corner of my night gown a self-concious tug. " Well, Laci Peterson, the schools personal Gossip Girl, told her friend Jacki, who told her boyfriend, Andy, who told my bud, Lance, who just so happened to tell me, that Laci saw you and Mr Richardson making out in his classroom." he explained, immediately studying my face for any obvious signs of embarrassment.
  4. "It wasn't like I wanted to." I huffed. "So you did?" he asked, slowly inching closer to me with a frown. "Look. After you did what you did, my boyfriend, Aaron, found out and told Mr Richardson, who wanted to see me after class. Once class was over, I stayed and listened to him lecture me about safety in numbers. Anyway, I was getting ready to leave, when he pinned me down and started kissing me. Of course, I pushed him away and left. " I explained, giving him a sharp glare that made him give an apologetic look.
  5. "Um... Yeah. About that... Please forgive me, I didn't realize how bad it looked until this morning. I was going to apologize to you at school, but you weren't there." he apologized. "It's fine, I guess. Just don't go doing it again." I warned, flashing a playful smile. He teasingly held my hand and pushed me backwards on the mattress. "Ethan.... Oh geez, you're too funny." I giggled as he grabbed his phone from his pocket. "Yup. You think we could try being friends?" he asked, laying down beside me with a smirk. "Sure, I'd be silly to say no. " I laughed, quickly booping his nose with a grin.
  6. "Valerie, smile." he insisted, wrapping an arm around my shoulders and raising his phone up to take a selfie. I did as he said, sporting a seductive smile and laughing as he did the same. The camera came into focus, and we sat there for twenty minutes snapping selfies together. "Oh man, you're face." he chuckled, pointing at a photo we'd snapped. I studied the photo, my blue eyes opened widely and my tongue hanging out from my mouth. "Yeah, yeah. Look at you, though. " I laughed, printing at his face which looked a little frazzled. "Okay, okay. One serious photo." he insisted, resting his head on my shoulder and holding the phone up. *SNAP* it clicked, our photo popping up instantly.
  7. I gave a small smile as I studied the photo carefully. Gently pulling the phone from his grasp, I zoomed in to see my face better. Wow, i really was pretty. My blonde hair was gently tossled, giving it a natural curl that it usually didn't have. My icy blue eyes shined with happiness and my mouth was pulled into a genuine smile that lit up the screen. "Admiring yourself?" Ethan teased, ruffling my hair with a grin before snatching his phone away. "Hey! You punk!" I giggled, leaping up from the mattress and chasing him across the room. "Haha. This is fun. " he laughed, holding the phone over his head as I tried to reach it. "Okay, okay. You win. You really should get going. My mom will be home soon." I whispered, giving him a small hug before leading him to the front door.
  8. "Bye, Valerie. See you at school tomorrow, if you don't skip again, that is." he laughed, heading out with a grin. "Sure, thing, silly. " I chuckled, slamming the door in his face with a grin. Wow.. Who knew I'd end up dating Aaron and befriending Ethan in one night? Crazy. I tiredly stumbled up to my room, pouncing into my bed and giving a sigh of relief before drifting into a nice, deep sleep.
  9. ***The next morning*** "Valerie! Aaron's here! You better get ready for school or you'll be late. " a voice yelled. Mom. "Okay! I'm coming!" I yelled back, jumping out of bed like a child on Christmas morning. I ran over to my closet pulling out:
  10. After getting ready, I ran downstairs, heading straight to the kitchen and being greeted by Aaron's grinning face. "Hey babe." he said, mom entering the kitchen with a smile. "Babe?" she asked curiously, taking a seat between the two of us. " Hey bae." I laughed, giving him a fist bump before looking over at mom. "Oh. I forgot to tell you, Aaron and I are dating. I would have told you when you got home, but I was worn out." I explained, watching her face light up. "Eek! I am so happy for you two! Too bad about that Gavin boy though. He seemed to worship the ground you walked on. " she squealed, giving us a tight hug. "Mom! Gavin is just a friend. I told you that already!" I groaned, resting my head on Aaron's shoulder with a sigh.
  11. "I'm just teasing you, sweetie. Don't go peeing yourself." she laughed, walking out with a smile. "Your mom seems happy." Aaron pointed out, giving my head a gentle rub. "Yeah... Just ignore her. Gavin and I had nothing. You are the only thing I care for." I whispered, giving a pleased sigh as he leaned in and kissed me. Once we pulled away, we ran outside hand-in-hand, jumping inside the school bus with a smile. "Now we can concur this bus together." he laughed, giving my cheek a small peck. "Yus." I laughed, taking a seat beside him. "Hey blondie." a voice said, my eyes wandering over to Blade who was sitting across from us. "Hey." I said, giving a smile as Aaron began to stiffen up. "Did you end up getting that bar job?" he asked. "Yeah, actually, I did." I grinned, giving Aaron a small sign to keep calm.
  12. "That's nice. Hey, um, my brother, Jace, wanted me to tell you he was sorry for startling you the other day. He was too shy to tell you himself, so that's why I'm doing it." he explained. "It's no problem." I assured him, turning to face Aaron.
  13. "Oh. Aaron, I need to tell you something before we get to school so you don't flip out. " I insisted, watching as he gave a nod. "Go for it. " he sighed. "Ethan followed you over last night. Don't you dare scream at me, he kept his hands to himself. He just came by to apologize for what he did and to warn me about the gossip going on about me." I said, his left eye twitching as he held his breath. "He didn't touch you. You promise?" he asked. "Not in that way, no. He wanted me to be his friend, Is all." I explained. "Okay. But if he even looks at you the wrong way, he's dead." he growled. "Who's dead?" a voice asked. "Nobody, yet. " Aaron said, his brother Alec sitting beside us.
  14. "I heard you finally let this doofus be your boyfriend." Alec laughed, giving a fake smile that stopped below his eyes. "Yup." I chuckled, giving Aaron a small nudge to show I was just teasing him. "Well, you missed out." he sighed. "On what?" I questioned, not getting what he meant. " I shouldn't say this, but I was planning on asking you out soon." he said, giving a shrug as Aaron glared angrily. " uh. I... Look, Alec. I know you knew that I used to have a crush on you, but I'm not going to leave Aaron for you. I love him, and if you like me enough, you'll respect that. " I sighed, giving a small sniff as I tried not to cry.
  15. "I never knew you liked me. You're right though. I respect your decision and will always be here to support you." he sighed, giving me a small hug. Aaron quitely stared at him as he put his hand on my face and gave me a quick peck. ***CLIFFHANGER ***sorry, guys!

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