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This quiz is to tell you(the caretaker) what the child's punishment shall be. Depending on their actions there punishment will vary in severity. Before you know it you will have an angel child!

Side Note: Always be safe! You know this mischievous child better than I do Never do anything your child can't handle! Also there is no corporal punishment in this quiz!

Created by: Brooke

  1. What did they do?
  2. How severe is the offense?
  3. Is this a repeat offense?
  4. How do they normally behave?
  5. What is their pet peeve?
  6. Are they sorry?
  7. What is their normal punishment for this offense?
  8. How did they behave when you told them that they will be punished?
  9. How hard should the punishment be?
  10. And, finally, what should they NOT do as a punishment?

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