Hogwarts and Harry Potter Part 3

I'm sorry for the long wait. I kind of was at a turning point and I couldn't write anything. So I'm back. Thanks for waiting, I hope next time should be shorter.

I don't know if I should do a character/scene contest. I have a poll up already so please take it. Last time you got tied up by Draco and he got a punishment (cleaning the floors without magic for a week). Enjoy!

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  1. Read the top before you begin!
  2. After you left Dumbledore's office, all four of you ran to Hagrid's house. You and everyone else see that Hagrid has a pet dragon. You gasp in awe and it breathes fire on you. Your sleeve catches on fire.
  3. The flame goes out after a few seconds. "I don't really want to be roasted for dinner tonight..." you say, while looking at the dragon. "His name's Norbert!" Hagrid happily told you. "Norbert?" you ask.
  4. You look at the clock above the stove and realize it's late. You look out the window to see the face of Draco Malfoy at the window. Unfortunately everyone else sees him too. "We better get back before we get in trouble!" Hermione says. Everyone says a quick goodbye to Hagrid and run for the castle.
  5. You end up in the hallway and you sigh. "That was close," Harry said. Everyone nodded in agreement. "I hear footsteps," you say nervously. The footsteps continue and you turn around. Professor McGonagall stands in front of you and beside her is...Draco.
  6. You follow Professor into her office. "You four were off grounds. That is very dangerous of you. You should be very ashamed of yourselves. The five of you should have detention."
  7. Draco looked confused. "I didn't think I heard you right. You said the five of us?" "Yes, you will be joining your friends in detention. You were also off the grounds," McGonagall concluded. Draco looked furious and Harry, Ron, and Hermione looked happier.
  8. You went to bed early and you woke up really early. You got a letter from your parents yesterday and you didn't have any time to read it yesterday. You opened it and the first thing you saw black ink that was smeared. You made out: Happy Birthday! Sorry if this is late or early, I just wanted you to wish you a happy birthday! Each of the twins (Andrew and Avery, see the first part if you don't remember them) wrote their own happy birthday letters. You smiled. Your happy birthday letters arrived early...for once. (your birthday is tomorrow)
  9. Classes were a breeze today and...What do you know? It's time for detention! Yay!
  10. You're the last to arrive. Everyone is by Filch and his creepy cat. "Hagrid is in charge of detention," Filch said. You walk over to Hagrid. This should be fun!
  11. "Alright," Hagrid started. "Hermione and Ron, come with me, and Harry, Draco, and _______, go with each other." "Fine. But I get Fang!" Draco said defiantly. "He's a big coward..." Hagrid started but the two groups started in two different directions.
  12. "Wait!" you shouted. "What are we looking for?" "Oh I forgot! You're looking for unicorn blood," Hagrid said vaguely. You were confused but started walking anyway.
  13. "You scared Potter?" Draco asked Harry. "You wish." Harry replied with emphasis. "What about you __[last name]__?" "No way in a million years," you replied with some sass. You walked farther and looked at a unicorn. It appeared dead. You could feel yourself shaking.Something was wrong.
  14. A black hooded figure looked at you. Draco screamed like a girl and bolted out of the woods with Fang on his heel. You staggered backwards and tripped over a broken branch. You landed on the ground. Harry also tripped over the branch and ended up beside you. The figure came closer and closer and then something came up and hit it. The figure ran for the hills while the centaur stood directly in front of you. Hagrid came back and thanked the centaur. You walked out of the woods with everyone else. "You're a coward, Weasley," Draco said. "Why is that?" Ron answer angrily. "You went with Hagrid and was too scared to face the dead unicorn!" Well, I don't think I was the one that ran away from the unicorn!" "You're just a red-headed freak!" "STOP!!!" you screamed. "Just stop fighting now! Draco, Ron is not a freak. I think you are the better coward." Draco stomped away ahead of you. Everyone praised you after that and you were happy. Hagrid called the end of detention. You headed back to your common room.
  15. We're done! Next time, your birthday celebration is there and you will uncover the stone maybe next time or for sure the next one after the next one.

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