Hogwarts and Harry Potter Part 0

Hello, and welcome to my new Hogwarts series! I know I started at part 0, but oh well. The results aren't people, they determine your enthusiasm about going to Hogwarts.

There will be new parts coming out soon, so please be patient. Thank you for choosing this quiz. Please rate and comment at the end. Thank you!

Created by: ColliesRule35
  1. You sit at your desk doing some boring math homework, minding your own business when a white owl knocks at your window. You open the window and untie the letter from its thick leg. You pet the owl and it flies away. You open the white letter and see, Dear _______ _______, you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
  2. You bolt down the stairs and tell your mom. "_______, I was a witch too," said your mom. "Was dad?" you ask. "No," your mother says with a sigh. "We will go get your supplies tomorrow at Diagon Alley." You look confused and your mother explains the concept of witches and wizards. "Now go get rest because it's late." You turn to the clock and it reads 10:27.
  3. You get up and take a shower in only 15 minutes. You go downstairs and gobble down your waffles. Your mother tells you to get in the car and you both drive for a while. It seems you've been in the car for ages until your mother stops abruptly. "Well, we're here." "The Leaky Cauldron? Sounds like a gangster bar name." Your mother takes to a brick wall in the back. She taps a few stones and before you a whole world of shops and restaurants appear before you.
  4. You stare at all the shops as you walk past and decide to go to the robe shop first. You see at least four other families in front of you. Finally, it's your turn. You quickly ask the lady for the correct robes and head out. You walk to Flourish and Blotts which is a little ways down.
  5. You enter the Florish and Blotts store. Suprisingly, there is no one in front of you! You get the nessacary supplies. You leave the store and then head to Olivanders. You look at the sign, which looks quite old. You enter anyway, and look. "Noooo," you think. Of course the wand shop had eight people in front of you. The door opens and another girl stands behind you. You pass the time by reading the books you got. You were enjoying the books when you mother said, "Your next, honey." You look up from your book to see that you are next up.
  6. You rush up to the counter and Ollivander goes to the dusty shelves and thinks. "Ah," he says suddenly and grabs a wand. He takes it out of the box and hands it to you. You wave it and files fly out of folders in three drawers. You are startled due to your mishap and you put the wand back on the counter. Ollivander grabs another wand and gives it to you. You suddenly feel warm and you know this is the right wand. You pay the required seven galleons and go to the rest of the stores quickly. Your mother leads you out of Diagon Alley and then out of The Leaky Cauldron and you get in the car, finishing looking at your spell book.
  7. You get home and run up the stairs to check your calendar. It was August 30. Nothing like last minute school supply shopping. Since it was quite late, you decide to go to bed, even though you weren't tired. You lay in bed, thinking how much fun your going to have at Hogwarts.
  8. Now it's the last day before you go to Hogwarts. You are super excited (maybe) Now it's dinner. You finish dinner and head to bed early.
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