Harry Potter Hogwarts love Story Pt 1

IMAGINE: you are a witch from France moving to England. You need to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You don't know anyone, and you aren't gifted in making friends. However, at Hogwarts, friend making, and enemy making, come easily. On your train ride, you meet Cedric Diggory, Oliver Wood, Ron, Fred, and George Weasley, Draco Malfoy, and Harry Potter.

This quiz was made for girls only, but if you are a guy, there is nothing I can do to stop you from taking this test. This test will tell you what harry potter character you would date if you were at Hogwarts. Good luck girls!!

Created by: Jtsquared4
  1. It's your first day as a third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You recently move to Britain from France, so you're moving from Boaxbatons, the French Academy, to Hogwarts. Your a little nervous about going since you don't know anyone yet, but you hope for the best. You heard there are some really nasty people at Hogwarts from the girl you wrote to. Her name was Hermione Granger, and she'd offered to help you adjust into your new school. She told you to find her on the train so you could talk in person. When you get onto the platform and board the Hogwarts Express, you look for Hermione. As you were looking for her, you ran into an older boy. He looked about sixteen years old and he seemed to be a very intelligent fellow. "I'm so sorry," you managed to say. After all, you were stunned at how cute he was. "No it's my fault" he said after a beat he added, "I'm Cedric." What do you say?
  2. "That's a nice name," be says to you. "Um... Thanks," you reply. You weren't sure how to answer that. "I've gotta go," he says the adds "it was nice meeting you Y/N" you step aside so he can leave. You find Hermione sitting in a compartment with three redheads, a boy with dark hair, and a foul smelling rat. She invites you to come and sit, then everyone takes turns introducing themselves. The first redhead's name is George, and he tells you about all the awesome pranks you can pull at Hogwarts. He twin brother Fred tells you the exact same thing, but with a ton more excitement. The third redhead, who's name is Ron attempts to steer you away from the devilish pranks of Fred and George, and tells you a calmer approach is best a Hogwarts. The dark haired boy shocks you the most. He is actually Harry Potter, the real Chosen One, and he tells you that the only way to have a calm year at Hogwarts is to steer clear of him, and find a calmer friend. The twins yell "that's rubbish!" At the same time, and you smile.
  3. You leave the comportment to change into your robes. On the way there, you do one of your famous run into someone then say sorry deals. This time toy didn't see who it was until after you said sorry. When you looked up, you saw the evilest face you could have seen. The blonde haired boy with grey eyes was glaring at you. The books he'd been carting were scattered across the floor. Engraved in the spine of on of the books was the name Draco Malfoy etched in gold. He didn't look happy.
  4. He picks his books up and storms off. "My father will hear about this!" He yells.
  5. You can't help it you start to cry. You aren't even at Hogwarts yet, but you still made an enemy!! You cry in the middle of the aisle of the train. You hear footsteps behind you. "What seems to be the matter?" The voice startles you. You turn to see a boy staring at you. He looks concerned. "The name's Oliver." He says. You smile a little and tell him your name. Then you tell him about Draco Malfoy. "Ahhh don't sweat it. That scumbag is always pushing people down. You just gotta pick yourself up again." He extends a hand and you take it. He helps to pull you up. "Thanks Oliver," you say.
  6. Hermione welcomes you back into the compartment. You've dried your eyes thanks to Oliver, but now your back in the rat smelling train car with the Weasley's, the Boy Who Lived, and Hermione. You can't stop thinking about how nice Oliver was to you. He could have just left but he didn't. Somewhere in the middle of your thoughts, an icy cold blast filled the train. You shivered. Then a shadowy figure flew into the train car and you fainted. When you finally came to, there was a strange man in the compartment, standing near Harry. It was like you weren't even there. You decided to make a sneaky exit and left the train car. To be absolutely certain that you wouldn't crash into someone, you looked to the right then the left. The right was clear but the right was blocked by a tall man with greasy black hair. "Miss L/N what are you doing out of your compartment?" It was the dreaded Professor Snape.
  7. "Ummmm," you started to say but Snape took the liberty of interrupting you. "In case you don't know there was just a dementor on this train searching for the murder Serius Black. I was given orders by Headmaster Professor Albus Doumbledoor to make sure that no students were roaming the train without supervision. Now, as much as I'd love to give you detention for your first night at Hogwarts, but seeing as you're new here, I'll let this one slide. Consider this your first and only warning. Now, let me escort you back to your compartment." You followed Snape through the dark train cart until you got to your compartment, then, after he was certain that you wouldn't leave again, he left.
  8. The man who was in the compartment had gone, but everyone else was there. They were gathered around Harry like he was hurt. "I heard a women screaming," you heard Harry say. "There was no woman," hermionie said. That made harry look pretty stupid. You sat down I between the twins. They explained the situation, each one saying a sentence, then the other butted in and took over. It was about an hour later when you reached hogwarts.
  9. You exited the train and, wait for it, you tripped and fell down the train stairs. You would have face planted if it wasn't for Cedric. "Oh my gosh," you said, "I'm so sorry. " Cedric only smiled and said "we've got to stop meeting like this." You smiled. Just as you were going to say something, Snape walked by and pulled you aside. "Sorry to bother your.... Sentimental moment, but Dumbledore would like to see you in his office." You said bye to Cedric and followed Snape into Dumbledore's office. When you got in, Snape left, closing the door with a slam.
  10. Dombledore explained that since you were a transfer student, you would be sorted privately. You didn't protest; it was best that you were alone, seeing as you were kinda shy. The hat was placed on your head and instantly sprang to life. "Ah, you aren't a Ravenclaw, not too much knowledge inside that brain of yours." You got defensive. "Hey! That's mean!" The hat was taken aback. "I'm sorry, but huffelpuff is out too. Not very kind hearted. Maybe Slytherin.... Oh! I know! You'll be in GRIFFENDOOR!!"
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