Are you a good kid?

Do you think you are a bad kid? Or do you hope you are? Like literally the devils child ? Do you actually ever think about what you’re doing, or do you just not care.

Or are you just an angel? You will never do anything bad and whether or not you like that you’re too afraid to find out. Do you maybe want to be a good child? Take this test to find out

Created by: Macie

  1. Have you done any type of *illegal* drug without your mommy or daddy knowing?
  2. Have you Drunk alcohol while you were underage.
  3. Do you skip class?
  4. Do you go to parties. And no cousins 8th birthday party doesn’t count.
  5. Do you steal?
  6. Do you hoe around sometimes?
  7. Have you ever vandalized something
  8. Have you ever just done something that you know you’re not supposed to do
  9. Do you think you are a bad kid?
  10. Do you think you are a good kid?

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Quiz topic: Am I a good kid?