Could you Survive in Poverty?

This is a gauge for how well you’d do if worse literally came to worse. It’s not at all a joke; Poverty is about a lot more than just money. See if you could live in poverty.

Are you living in poverty? In just a few minutes you will find out if you or your students are capable of surviving a poverty lifestyle. Many skills will be advantageous in a world of hard times.

Created by: Becky Johnson
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  1. I know which churches and sections of town have the best rummage sales.
  2. I know which rummage sales have “bag sales” and when.
  3. I know which grocery stores’ garbage bins can be accessed for thrown-away food.
  4. I know how to get someone out of jail.
  5. I know how to physically fight and defend myself physically.
  6. I know how to get a gun even if I have a police record.
  7. I know how to keep my clothes from being stolen at the Laundromat.
  8. I know what problems to look for in a used car.
  9. I know how to live without a checking account.
  10. I know how to live without electricity and without a phone.
  11. I know how to use a knife as scissors.
  12. I can entertain a group of friends with just my personality and my stories.
  13. I know what to do when I don’t have money to pay the bills.
  14. I know how to move in half a day.
  15. I know how to get and use food stamps or a government debit card for benefits.
  16. I know where the free medical clinics are.
  17. I am very good at trading and bartering.
  18. I can get by without a car.

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