Are You Poor Moneywise?

Poverty is a problem to a relatively degree everywhere in the world... But who is really considered poor, who has enough money for their needs rather than wants?

Are you poor? Maybe you thing you are, tho it is often said the 1sr rule of being rich is to plead poverty. Lets see how your situation weighs up in this quiz.

Created by: Azif Ucan
  1. What type of accommodation do you live in?
  2. Where does your money come from?
  3. What mode of transport do you use the most?
  4. Where do you usually get your clothes?
  5. What's the most expensive place you go for an outing?
  6. Do you use vouchers, coupons, and club card points to buy food?
  7. How often do you eat out?
  8. What type of holiday do you usually have?
  9. What type of car do you own?
  10. Where do you usually get your food?
  11. What type of education do your children have?
  12. What kind of heating do you have to keep you warm in the winter?
  13. Are you able to pay all your utility bills?
  14. What standard of home maintenance can you afford?
  15. What devise are you using to do this quiz on?
  16. How is your health affected by your living conditions?
  17. Which one of these do you worry about the most?
  18. How many pairs of shoes do you have?

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Quiz topic: Am I Poor Moneywise?