How much money will you have when your older

Everyone wants to know how much money they will have. Well this quiz can tell you how much you will have. You better answer carefully or you'll be poor!!! So good luck and have fun!

And one more thing... If this quiz says your poor. It doesnt actually mean it. Remember Im not a Sykik so i cant tell the future of all of you so keep in mind, it is only, Not

Created by: Cameron
  1. Were you born with a rich family?
  2. Are you a thief?
  3. What are your grades?
  4. Highest degree of school?
  5. If your not in college yet. What degree of college do you think you'll have?
  6. What job will you have when your older?
  7. Do you ever think you'll be proffesional at something(sports ect.)
  8. How much money do you think you'll have?
  9. Here's the amount of money you'll have...
  10. Err here...

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Quiz topic: How much money will I have when my older